How Much Money Can You Make Freelancing?

Good question!

That depends on how hard you want to work. It also depends on your thirst for knowledge, your resourcefulness and your sheer ability to grapple with the dead line fever that would engulf you.

Unearthly hours, irregular timings, pressing and demanding clients, varied topics to write on and some relentless researching, tenuously seeking new well-paying clients, managing work loads- all of this would mark your day as a busy freelance writer.

When you begin writing, you’d not have much to negotiate your pay with. But as you gain experience, you will start taking through your accomplishments and strengths. You’d have amassed enough know-how to garner better a better pay.

It isn’t as rosy as it is sometimes made out to be.

I was reading up this book called ” On Writing Well – The Classic Guide To Writing Nonfiction” by William Zinsser. Boy! Was it an eye opener? He had some very valuable points to make and all off the ‘Don’ts’ I was, and still am, guilty of committing.

I even had to take up varied free courses online on punctuation that I had no clue about.

Talk about the learning curve!

This thing never ends…


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