The Saga of Freelancing Full time

I have been noticing what’s happening to me and I am not sure How to take it — it is positive, though. I starting training less and writing more. I am now writing full-time and I put in about 8-9 hours a day from my own office. The earning isn’t that great yet but it quite a start. Well, basically I had developed a system wherein the entire training delivery is done by others and I only take what is left of the profits accrued. Writing is still in a very self-employment mode and  it is yet to be scaled up. My clients keep me busy all the time and I actually need to steal time to post in my own blogs.

For all those myths about not being able to find work; ruthless competition in the marketplace for writers; doesn’t pay well; the famed ‘broke writer’s mentality — they don’t seem to have affected me much. I seem to be able to pull it off in a way that is still in line with my long term goals and aspirations.

Writers who are not willing to put in the required hard-work and demonstrate flexibility when needed; pick up projects that is not only huge in scope of work and render it with a quality that will be hard to replicate by any mechanized process but also dabble with a range of projects that can prove one’s versatility; willing to network and make friends ( not for any commercial gains); write for passion and earn in the process; not let go when push comes to shove and be on a relentless pursuit of gainful client relationships are the ones who are bound to make it big — real big.

I had also realized that treating ‘freelancing’ as ‘freelancing’ isn’t going to do much for me. I need to treat it as a business and I am the only one who can do it ( for now). I was on a short trip to a nearby small town for a friend’s wedding the other day and the work literally came to a screeching halt ( no, I didn’t find an internet connection there and my data card didn’t work too).

Just like any other business out there — freelance writing demands focus on producing quality content, in the least possible turnaround time, thrilling clients and most importantly: finding new clients. The cycle still remains that way.


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  1. Yup. This is our business, not our hobby, and must be so treated.

    There’s plenty of work out there if you hunt it down. There’s no reason to pay for job listings or to belong to bidding sites. You’ll get a better quality of work and a higher rate of pay doing the leg work and finding the work on your own.

    And, yet, freelancing is about structuring our own time to suit our needs. As long as the work gets done and done well by deadline, we can do it anytime within that time frame that suits our energy levels and lifestyles.

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