Freelance Business Mini-report – Part 3

This post continues from two other parts posted previously — If you didn’t get the chance to read up on the previous posts, please head over there now. Part 1 and Part 2.

In the first part, We discussed what Freelance writing is all about and as to how it would benefit those who are looking to distance themselves from they bases — as termed them The Itinerant Entrepreneurs. let’s look at the more important aspects of this business. Also remember that we will not be talking about any other genre of freelance writing except web content – writing for the web; SEO; Article Writing; term papers and assignments etc.

and In part 2, we focused on how to get more clients; about what works when it comes to marketing your business and what doesn’t — emphasizing on what works in excruciating detail.

In this last part of the mini-report, we will look at ways to keep your clients; ensure maximum personal productivity and how to earn more money for the time you’d be spending writing; how to leverage and build it into a business and much more.

You worked hard to get clients; now keep them

Clients are the reason why you exist. They could be tough on you sometimes and things might turn sour during arguments ( if any), but they are still the reason why you are in business. If you know how to keep your clients, it is easy for you to have a long sustained relationship that will take away the ” Where will I get my next paycheck from” dilemma.

So how exactly do you go about offering value?

  • Delivery is paramount : Usually clients have time-bound projects and hence deadlines form a very critical criteria to judge your own value as a vendor. When clients give you deadlines or perhaps both of you arrive at deadlines on mutual consent — you will have to beat those deadlines — Not once, not twice but always. Almost every writer out there competing with you meets deadlines. Well, if you want to stand out, you will do better than that. You will out-meet deadlines. That means, that if the deadline for a project is 2 days from now, you’ll be done with it by tonight.
  • Be systematic and Organized : Not that the client would come and check your hard-drives as to how you put the files or how you organize your work, but it is all a matter of flawless storage and retrival system. The better you are at it, the easier it will be to work.
  • Be ethical, even if the world isn’t: You would hear of content-ripping; content dumping; plagiarism and a lot of such terms that plague the Internet content market. You might even be tempted to indulge in a little bit of “harmless copy-paste”. But an experienced client or even an experienced writer would know if you did that. Although it is hard to nail down your work as ;plagiarized’ it still leaves a bad mark on your reputation and for writers — reputation is all that they have got.
  • Put your foot down and stand up for what is right : Some clients spread word and get your some more projects from elsewhere but they might ask you re-consider your prices. They would push you into an uncomfortable situation this way. All you have to do then is to take a firm stand on your prices and don’t stoop to low. You will have to learn to balance between negotiating and stooping too low. Even if you said no, the client would respect you for your professionalism and keep you for life.
  • Work on variety and prove yourself to be indispensable : You don’t have to take up projects that you can’t handle, but you could sure try and see if you can do it.Let’s say you are very comfortable with writing on the subject of health but the client gives you a project to write on business, you could try and see if it can be done. For a writer ( web content writer) — there is not much of a possibility in sticking to just one narrow niche ( of course, over time it helps, but usually, it helps to be flexible).

How to earn money by working less?

In business — this is how you make more money: You sell more, you sell more and you sell more. However, if you want to ensure that even a writing business would be like a day job and fetch you income every month. It can be done. For example, I have 3 clients who give me work everyday and it takes me close to 3-4 hours for their work alone and that fetches me quite enough to classify as a well-paying business ( better than most day jobs). I have other sources of income like my blogs, random big ticket projects and some marketplaces where I sell what I write — all of this cash-infow isn’t steady but is quite a handful.

The only way you can make more money by working less is to raise your prices. It can be done but then you will have to have substantial experience behind you to justify your price hike.

Another way would be hire or associate with other writers and outsource projects to them — of course, you’ll need to find people like you or much better than you for this one. It usually takes time to find the right people online, but you can keep this as your long -term goal and keep at it.

Leverage is powerful and enables you freedom. Finding some good writers and building a team slowly can get your there. For every one person who wants to leverage, there are hundreds who are happy to earn just a little ‘extra’ and make their lives better. This is how your business will start taking shape and then you can slowly build your business into an end-to-end content development business that can cater to clients globally or even think of working on a distinct niche on web content — like probably provide only SEO writing Services or build tutorials etc.

I hope you would get to use the information herein for your freelance business success and your feedback and comments would be really appreciated. Please do visit often to find out more about Freelance Writing Business since I will keep adding updates.


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