Conquering the Writer’s Block

I am not going to start all over again on what the writer’s block is because I am sure  writers have their own versions of this thing that plagues our brotherhood. harmless it might seem, but it can linger on for days on end and that is going to prove expensive for writers, isn’t it? It doesn’t have be this difficult to quell the apparent lapse in the creative faucet of your brain.

There are some things I do to solve my writer’s block:

  • Stop doing the do: That’s right. I usually encounter writer’s block when I am faced with a repetitive or mundane tasks — SEO writing is a good example of highly repetitive writing — and the best way to get your creative juices flowing is to stop and chill for a moment. If you are working from home, go out of the room and away from the computer. Do something else altogether. Come back and try again!
  • Write something else : I write all day and if I had to write on just one project, I will have to  pay you to pull my hair. I can go mad if all I did was to write about just one topic or work on just one project. Since I am blessed with mad clients who load me with all kinds of work –ranging from web copy to e book writing — I simply switch projects anytime I want and that brings variety to my otherwise boring table.
  • Will Yourself to work, no matter what : Have you ever tried it? You bet, I did. It worked just fine. Not as much as the other two, but incredibly effective, nonetheless. Just tell yourself again and again that you ought to sit and complete the work today. The reason why you need to prod yourself this way is because there is no one looking over you and your work is totally your responsibility. You don’t have any peer pressure too.

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