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Why Every Freelance Writer Must have a Blog

I have been prowling the blogosphere and I notice many of my co-writers ask of they should own a blog or not. I also hear questions like ” I don’t mind a blog, but I don’t want to compete against all those other freelance writing based blogs” . Well, the point here is simple — You MUST own a blog with your own domain and possibly a hosting package.

Here are a couple of reasons why you must own a blog :

  • Increases your visibility — attitude, voice and style added extra: if you just wanted an identity, a static website ( you would get the same hosting and you could pick up a free website template for this) would do. But you want more. You would want to display your writing prowess ( what you end up writing isn’t that important). You want to be published ( isn’t this every writer’s dream?) and you want your writings to reflect your attitude.
  • It helps you develop discipline : A constantly updated blog with fresh and unique content is bound to be well-read and appreciated. That would necessarily mean that you would have to make an attempt to dole out great topics – the kind your readers want — at regular intervals of time. Now here the bird that can be killed with 2 stones — you provide content everyday and make your readers happy and then you would also write productively, every day. Talk about rewarded discipline.
  • It brings you business : If you write well on your blog, even if it was meant to be written in your own way, your writing prowess is up for display. Potential clients can approach you for picking up work. Blogs are awesome lead generation tools and are found easily on the search engines. As you provide value and pick up business, there might be a time when you can’t even handle any extra work.
  • It helps you network : By blogging, you are inadvertently stepping into a vibrant, resourceful and an ever helpful community of fellow bloggers just like you. Interacting with them, leaving comments on their blogs and even making friends with them gives you something beyond work — it gives you a feeling of belonging some place. If it isn’t a place really and is only a few websites and text slapped together. You will be welcomed to the fraternity of bloggers with open arms.
  • Finally, it can make you another stream of income : Although I wouldn’t shy away fromt elling you that this could be a lucrative source of income — it would be borrowed inspiration, at least for now — because I haven’t even monetized my blog. But there are countless accounts of people who have made it big with their blogging and are earning a lucrative income just from this act alone. The best part is, it can be automated one. But then, there is a lot of work to be done until then, my friend.

With the world going global and then virtual, you can’t help not have an online identity. A day would come when I “Google” your name and you are not found — either you are too grand to be found or too inconsequential.



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Freelancing Does Pay

It was one thing reading all about freelancing on the Internet. It was something else to live it up.

I had finally secured a steady income from my thriving freelancing practice and I am rather proud of the fact that I had to slog my butts off like crazy to be able to be on my own. It’s a nice feeling, this one. I am not sure how long it is bound to last, though.

I had managed to gather a few very well respected clients across all points in my day that would enable me to work for about 16 hours a day , 5 days a week. That’s neat, I must say.

But then, the journey was literally back-breaking, tumultuous and uncertain. Heck, it still is, in a way. However, I am on my own, I call my own shots, take leave when I want, take my own calls, fire my clients sometimes and live happy. I am actually looking forward to work every morning. Talking about mornings, I still hate waking up THAT early in the morning.

I am still looking to leverage my content business in some way or the other and I am yet to see how that is going to happen. when will I slow down?

Just heard from a good friend of mine. She wants to start her own business. Isn’t that nice? The young and mighty looking for opportunities like these? Makes me think as to whatever is happening to the ’secure’ boring jobs.

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