My T and Cs, Prices, Blah and Blah

The necessary and the boring part :

–My rates depend on the project and I am willing to hear your point of view. My minimum Rate however is about 10 USD per 500 word article. I am willing to negotiate if you have large orders.
–Advance of the agreed payment has to be done before work begins. With all due respect, I had burnt my fingers in the past. Payments can be made directly by Intra Bank Fund Transfer to my Bank Account, electronically. They could also be made using Paypal.
–Deadlines and special requests have to be mentioned much before in a clear and precise manner.
–All correspondence would be done through email or skype.
–A 15 day notice is mandated in case of terminating my services, from both sides.

It wasn’t like those other legal ‘terms and conditions’, was it? Simple is Superb !


5 responses to “My T and Cs, Prices, Blah and Blah

  1. Ashwin,
    Could you do a blog on freelance writing in India? Opportunities, venues, charges, and cautions?
    I “broke into print” and made my first sale recently, and I’m keen on giving it a shot. I stumbled across and What is your opinion on them?

  2. Hi

    Firstly, before you and I forget, please head over to for the new blog ( this blog has been shifted there)

    Congrats on that sale ! I can empathize with the exhilarating feeling you get when it happens.

    I could do a blog on the topic you are suggesting but you should realize that most writers will suddenly get international the moment they take on freelance writing, if they are going to use the Internet as their medium.

    let me know what’s on your mind.

  3. Thank you, Ashwin. Bookmarked your new blog. The corresponding post there doesn’t allow comments.

    I agree with you about writers getting international. That said, there are two issues:
    1. How do I charge for Indian projects? Is it on par with any other projects? Don’t Indians expect to get things done for far lower prices?
    2. I don’t mean to generalize, but I’ve seen Indian companies and individuals heavily “underquoting” in freelance auction sites. And I sense, not unjustifiably, a current of hostility against the Indian and other third-world freelancers. Won’t that effect me even if I’m not underquoting, making it harder to find projects? So I thought it would be good to concentrate on Indian venues.

  4. Hey baravanin

    Answering your two issues :

    1. You will probably start at acceptable rate ( for you) and must be ok with the client too. It is very simple — you set your price according to the quality you would deliver and NEVER BUDGE from that one – you might to a little extent, but not too much. There are clients looking for inexpensive work and there are those who never look to save money and compromise on quality ( you’d search for these) — you will start slow this way, but without the need to go through an unyielding learning curve.
    2. yes, Indians do ‘Under-quote” – so what? You don’t! You might not want to be just as much as an american ( coz you would lose your Value Added) but you can still be way over the Indians you would find on elance and guru. There are a few Indian clients who do pay well (my clients are a healthy mix of both Indian and US/UK) but you will still have to find them.

    Do keep in touch — My clients always keep looking for good writers and I can see that you don’t have the Indian writing thing that they hate so much 🙂

  5. Thanks, Ashwin. Like Chris Bibey said, one the first things I should probably do is to fix my rates. Until then I can’t move from magazines with specific pay rates to freelancing.
    I’ll, of course, keep in touch. I’ve a list of blogs that I visit daily.

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