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Freelance Writing Won’t come for Free

One of the most frequently occurring and just as frequently quelled thought in a freelance writer’s mind is the thought about the pay. What should a Freelancer charge? How much is the best possible price? — while there are a lot of other fellow freelancers who have somehow figured this out, it is still a sticky, personal riddle of sorts to arrive at the right price. For emergency or hassle-free cash loans for your business just visit cash loans.

I stumbled across a document once when I was just starting out and It is free for you to download if you wish ( Please look to the side bar on the right for downloading the PDF document.

Whatever it is that you are going to charge is going to depend on your level of experience, your flair for writing quality content and most importantly to deliver on time — however, you could keep the following in your mind to ensure that you never go hungry again:

1. Figure out a price and stick to it : Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because there are scores of writers like you and I who charge less than what you are quoting, you will easily be out-numbered and you won’t have any business coming your way. You will be out-numbered, no doubt — but who wants to work for clients paying you pennies when you have others willing to pay you well? Why is it that you stick to these low-paying clients and not go look for those who exist to make your life better? — The fallacy comes with the human habit of stopping when opportunity strikes. You might want to have a low-paying but regular client for a steady work-load and paychecks, but you must never stop looking for better paying work. So, no matter what happens, don’t come down below a self-constructed barrier.

2. Worth is determined by value : In my early freelancing days, I used to keep thinking what my worth is and I always had a funny feeling that I am being paid less. I wanted to up my ante. I wanted to raise my bar.I knew I was better and my worth surpassed the total sum of the invoice I billed my clients. So one day, I decided to do something about it — I vanished for two days and thought about myself, my business and how I need to raise my prices and justify them. It was then that I thought of Value. I would provide value to my clients — write top-notch content for an affordable prices and deliver them much before deadlines, every time. On top of that, I put pressure on my clients to dump work on me ( it’s the other way round, usually) and I maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with them. I do have my share of altercations, but it is a part of the game.

3. Work-Hard and there aren’t any short cuts, really : I can’t stress enough on the work hard bit. The day I decided to slog( slog for myself, though), I could literally feel the change in myself as my bank accounts started swelling up and for now, I put in long hours and bear the fruits of my labor. It won’t go on forever, since hard-work married with some street smarts usually as a way of rewarding people in a recurring and persistent manner – all of this work will lead to a solution that will free us ( provided you think the way I do) which can free us from the deliverance of all work.

If you just keep the three pointers in your mind and follow your business through like religion, prices are simply moot. You will then be looking at a larger picture — the types where you would walk on clouds while your clients will tear themselves silly to pay you what you ask for.


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