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5 FREE training resources for Freelance writers

Freelance writers, like most other professionals, must invest time and effort in training and development. Yes, in a lot of ways, no one would do it for you and hell, no one is going to ask you as to why you didn’t invest here, but then, there are going to be other repercussions to this other wise non-nonchalant attitude. The Internet is a bountiful treasure-trove if infinite information and perhaps a little help here as to find some of the best programs, sites or communities that can help  enhance a freelance writer’s business.

1. NewsU : Although it was intended for copy editors, news jopurnalists and the like, the basic tutorials they have on this site are simply awesome. There is so much information to take away that you would wonder why they don’t charge you for some of the courses ( I think they charge for some and not for all of them). Incredibily intuitive courses and they dabble with the basics in a way that you can never forget.

2. The Writing Lab at Purdue ( OWL) : You would have heard about it or you would have referred to it at some point in your freelance writing career. This is an ultimate resource — totally for free–  on all things academic. The sites explains all kinds of academic formats ( MLA, APA) , writing for the web, and much more. This is also the training ground for you, if you had though of entering into academic writing markets and thesis; assigments; term papers etc.

3.  Eats, Shoots and Leaves Punctuation Game : For a freelance writer ( or any writer, for that matter), the ability to punctuate is just as crucial for a race driver to DRIVE. While it does have that kind of importance, sadly, it is ignored. if you have read the ebook called Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Truss ( which is a mandatory read for every aspiring or even established writer– if you haven’t read it, go get it now) , you will be convinced on the powers of proper punctuation. But for a change, how about learning with a little bit of fun? This game is lucid, simple to navigate and is bereft of any kind of distractions. An amazing way to refresh your punctuation skills and have fun at the same time.

4. The Guide to Grammar and Writing : It is a free site sponsored by the capital Community College Foundation ( a non-profit org) and it not only has a wealth of information on grammar and different aspects of writing, but also scores of exercises you might want to work on to put whatever you have learnt to good use.

5. J-learning.org : Although it hasn’t got much to provide in terms of writing, it focuses on various peripheral aspects pertaining to any web-based professionals’ needs – like how to set-up a website; how to develop content for it and then how to promote it. A little on HTML and then a little on Internet Marketing tactics. A neat layout and an easily navigable site, this one and it is worth taking a look.



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