WHo the Hell am I?

I am Ashwin and I am afull-time freelance writer — living my dream away– working out of my home office and doing what I love most : writing. I work for various clients across the world — thanks to the Internet — and I am generally greedy by nature. I wouldn’t want to say no to a good deal and I don’t mind working overtime to meet deadlines and ensure top-notch WOW factor in my writing quality.
You could check the links below for your ” Show me the stuff” requests.

For starters, You could gladly hop and See MY sample Articles here: My writing Samples ( Better still, you could buy them there if you have a paypal account, credit card or debit card)
My other works have been published in the local newspapers & magazines online, the samples of which, are posted on my site http://www.freewebs.com/writesource. Please feel free to peruse. I would implore you to check out my Award Winning Event Descriptions.
I have had experience ( And I still do, for some! ) working for
*Tag Teamz Inc, USA, in helping them produce content to the tune of about 50 articles per month, part-time (this was where I started, BTW)
* My articles are regularly published and sold here — My writing Samples
* http://www.wowbangalore.com for maintaining the content on the website on an ongoing basis and also contributing articles to the same client as per their requirements.
* http://www.duenow.com by contributing college essays and other academic assignments as per student’s requirements.
* First Principles – Turning out error-free, excellent articles at the rate of about 200 articles per month.
*www.seeknext.in and http://www.abdulvasi.com have all utilized my services for all their content needs.
* http://www.bemypearl.com – An on going project for their web copy, newsletters and email campaigns.
* http://www.contentwritingindia.com for a wide variety of projects from blogging to web copy.

You can be rest assured of the professional and ethical considerations, which I would never breach.

What? You heard that before? Sure, let’s make it simple. Don’t pay if you don’t like!

Apart from the articles you must have read on the website mentioned above my specialties are services marketing, marketing, attitude, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, personal finance and insurance.

I run a blog http://www.rebelpreneur.com – Opinionated alright, but that’s what a blog is supposed to be right?
You could check out these other sites, also authored by me ( some of them are in association with other friends of mine in the blogosphere):
* http://www.ratrest.com
* bizreports.blogspot.com

In case you were mesmerized with my rant and forgot why you were here in the first place, Please do peruse my writing samples at
My writing Samples


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